Founded in 1947, NAPMM strives to help market managers improve facilities and increase services while encouraging cooperation and exchange of ideas between members and partners.


NAPMM's mission is to provide resources, leadership development, and networking opportunities for permanent retail, wholesale, and public market professionals to encourage their success and vitality on a local, regional and national level.

The purpose of this association is to accomplish the objectives outlined below:

  • Providing information to improve market practices and facilities;
  • Increasing the products and services that markets render to the public, producers, and distributors;
  • Promoting cooperation and exchange of information between U.S. and International markets;
  • Initiating and cooperating with other agencies in the preparation and support of desirable legislation and administrative rules;
  • Making recommendations regarding research studies and other activities beneficial to markets;
  • Working for the adoption and practice of high market standards.


NAPMM's vision is to be the premier resource for information, education, leadership development, and networking opportunities for retail, wholesale, and public markets focusing on raising the profile and value of markets on a local, regional and national level


NAPMM Brochure